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For The Love Of Joy: A 30-Day Adventure of Creating Joy in Your Life

Are you ready to have more Joy, Passion, Abundance, Health, Love, Inner Peace, Fun, Adventure, Creativity, Wisdom, Power and Romance in your life? What are you waiting for? Jump into this fun and inspiring 30-day adventure into Love, Health and Abundance and watch your life sparkle with Joy! For the Love of Joy will guide and inspire you to take your life to a higher level. This book will help you raise your Joy Set Point so that your life will flow with greater ease and joy

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“For the Love of Joy is a precious gift offered to us by Robert Schoenfeld.”

“For the Love of Joy is a precious gift offered to us by Robert Schoenfeld. He takes us on an incredible 30-day  adventure to expand our minds and hearts with the nectar of life—love and joy. And he does it with so much fun  that we have to smile. The daily practices are simple yet  powerful. If you want to join the revolution of spreading more joy in the world –  and God knows we need it – get this book!” – Leonard Szymczak, MSW, LCSW

If you truly want to bring joy into your life and share it with everyone you encounter, Rob Schoenfeld’s book is exactly what you have been guided to purchase. His Rumi quotes throughout the book add to the wonderful journey in this 30-day process into love, happiness and abundance. The world needs more love and joy and this book is perfectly times to help bring this about.

Danna S. Beal

Wonderful book filled with simple fun ways to spread more joy, love, kindness, and peace in our world so grateful to be a part of […] on my show we have a global meditation focused on joy and I love sharing all the tips and techniques in all the shows I host.

Karen Palmer

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