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Who is Robert Schoenfeld?

Robert Schoenfeld is a gifted Artist, Author, Joy Activist, Teacher, Healer, and Radio Host. Robert has traveled the world and observed different levels of JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, and more in each place he has visited. Now, Robert is stepping into the world to introduce The Art of Powerful Living. Robert uses art, aeromatherapy, and his knowledge of powerful living to inspire every human to live lives that are Rich, Fulfilling, On Purpose and Fun.

Robert’s art is collected by corporate and private collectors throughout the US and the world, including: Boeing Corporation, Hewlett Packard, IBM London, Nordstrom, Citicorp, Swedish Hospital, Westin Hotels, and Sheraton Hotels.


Some Of My Highlights

Painting in my studio. My art is my passion. 

  • Colors that bring joy into the world
  • Paintings that showcase love
  • Sharing my joy and happiness through art

Traveling the world and seeing what others perceive as joy. I look forward to spreading more joy throughout the world and teaching “The Art of Powerful Living”.

Create. Inspire. Educate. Repeat.

When I am not painting, I enjoy being outdoors and breathing in the joy of fresh air. Living in the beautiful pacific northwest, I have a unique opportunity for both gorgeous mountains, flowing rivers, and the ocean.

Robert the Artist

Robert Schoenfeld
Robert SchoenfeldThe Art of Powerful Living
Artist with Rio De Colores’ Painting

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Work With Robert

Robert makes is easy to build a beautiful, joyous life.

He can give you the power you need to create the life of your dreams.
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