The Highest Form of Self-Love

//The Highest Form of Self-Love

The Highest Form of Self-Love

This is not a self centered, Ego-driven love. This is Love’s highest and fullest expression of knowing who you are, celebrating your Magnificence, being thankful, and living in your full Glory. A Love where you are in the highest service to your Self, service to God, and service to God’s creation.

Today you will start by sending I Love Yous to every experience, every thought, every feeling… everything you see- especially to any pains in your body.

It is best to say “I Love You” out loud (if you are in public, say it to yourself) with your right hand on your chest to feel the vibrations of the words. Sing “I Love You” as you would to a two-year-old baby.

Every I Love You that you send into yourself, or out to others, will help to change the chemistry of your body from pain to Joy, from dis-ease to Health, from bondage to Flow. Visualize every I Love You going into and lighting up your 64 trillion cells and cleaning house.

At first you may think: “This is silly” or “I am in such pain and anger, how can I send I Love Yous?” This is the time when you must recommit to the 30-day program and JUST DO IT! You get extra credit for saying “I Love You” with a big smile.

This is a very powerful process. Every time you say “I Love You,” it acts like a reboot. When a negative thought arises, send it an I Love You. The goal here is to clear out old thought patterns and replace them with Love.

With every I Love You, you are invoking the most powerful force in the Universe. This is the Love that created you, that created all life on earth- the sun, our solar system, our galaxy, and the entire Universe. This is more than just a soft and warm feeling; it is the power of the Creator of the Universe, moving through you. Grab it, Enjoy it, Feel it- Live It!

As with any new habit, your I Love You mantras will get easier and become more effective over time.


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