I Am A Holder Of The Dream

//I Am A Holder Of The Dream

I Am A Holder Of The Dream

Some years ago I was listening to a talk given by a nationally known author and speaker. She went on and on about how all of her close women friends have beautiful families- yet they are all taking medication for anxiety and depression.

When I heard this, it saddened me. I started to think to myself that there must be a better way.

Throughout my life I have been the holder of the dream that life can be a loving, joyful, abundant, peaceful, healthy and exciting adventure.

What if there is a for us to stand in our magnificence and by doing so reduce the sadness, pain and lack in our lives while increasing- in some subtle yet powerful way- the love, joy, abundance and peace in our lives, in our families and in all life on earth?

This is my dream. I invite you to join me. For the next thirty days- and for the rest of your life thereafter- STAND IN YOUR MAGNIFICENCE, and watch as your life moves from pain and lack to love and abundance.

You may say that l am a dreamer- but I am not the only one… John Lennon.

Let us dream together and create lives full of love, joy, beauty, creativity, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, personal power, purpose, courage, nobility, romance and fun, leading to a brighter world for us, our families and for future generations.

Robert Schoenfeld


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