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Joy #1 In Schools

Helping Our Youth Thrive!

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We Are Dedicated To Our Youth

What if Joyful students have the ability to learn more and faster, are better adjusted, are more creative, get along better with fellow students and adults, and will be better prepared for higher education, career, and family life, and service to their community, nation, and the world, and will be happier and healthier?

Lets give every child the experience of Joy to live a fruitful, meaningful, creative, and productive life.

Every Student Starting Their Day With A Moment Of Joy
Here is a very simple and fun way to facilitate your students starting their school day with A Moment Of Joy. Start with the students getting relaxed and centered by closing their eyes and taking 4 or 5 slow deep breaths. The teacher or a fellow student may lead the students in a guided reflection having them think of specific joys in their life and having gratitude for all these joys. For where there is gratitude there is joy.

Next have the student think of an additional joy that they would like to have in their life, a joy they would like to give to someone else i.e. a fellow student, their parents, their brothers and sisters, or someone in their community or around the world. Have the students write down their thoughts and create an action plan and then go and make it happen.

The students may work individually, in a group, or as a class. Parents please share this link with you children’s teacher, counselors, Principals, and with your PTA and encourage them to bring A Moment Of Joy into their school.

Sample Ideas For Joy In Schools Student Lead Projects

  • Mentoring and Tutoring: Start a Mentoring Science Club, Math Club, English Club, Social Studies Club, were older students work one-on-one with younger students to help them excel in their studies.

  • Start a Pen Pal/Internet Pal program with students in different countries, helping them to create A Global Moment Of Joy in their school. The students may want to start with their city’s sister city, such as Seattle USA and Kyoto Japan.

  • Create a Service-Learning project where students learn leadership skills while they take action to improve their community.

  • The students can develop and implement a Stop Bullying Program in their school.​

  • The students may want to create a Take Pride In Our School Club to help keep the school clean and beautiful. The students can start a flower and a vegetable garden and enjoy the vegetables in their school lunch.

Thank You For Helping To Establish The Joy In Schools Revolution!