Choose Life!

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There is an old Jewish saying: “One who saves a single life is like one who saves the entire world.” Today commit to saving your life while saving the world. Be the Turtle along this path- Strong, Determined, Confident, and Calm- and not the Rabbit- speedy, flaky, erratic and lazy. Take your time with this process, [...]

Being in the Question

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“Being in the question" is a wonderful way for the Universe to grant your every wish. What if the Universe loved you so much that your every command stimulated it to move heaven and earth to open the doors to fulfill your command beyond your wildest dreams? Feeling into the question (not looking for the answer) [...]

I Am A Holder Of The Dream

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Some years ago I was listening to a talk given by a nationally known author and speaker. She went on and on about how all of her close women friends have beautiful families- yet they are all taking medication for anxiety and depression. When I heard this, it saddened me. I started to think to myself [...]